Election Day in the US

CNN Uber is offering $10 discounts for voters and is helping people find their precincts with in-app directions. They're also partnering with voting nonprofits for other Election Day transportation options. And a number of cities, from Dallas to Tampa, are ...
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Detroit Free Press

You got a provisional ballot on Election Day. Now what?

It's a special ballot used on Election Day when people don't appear on the precinct's registration list and their identity and/or proof of address can't be verified. In other words, said Secretary of State spokesman Fred Woodhams, if you weren't in the ...

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Google transforms logo for Election Day to two words: 'Go Vote'

Wednesday's Google Doodle offers no slick animation or charming illustration. Just two words: Go Vote. The tech giant's logo on its main search page features the message with links to information on Election Day in the U.S.. When a user clicks on the ...



How Long Does It Take To Vote? Wait Times On Election Day 2018 Could Be Lengthy

It's finally here. After months of rallies and texts and calls for voter registration, the 2018 Election Day is upon us. It's time to make your voice heard. So if you're wondering how long it might take to vote in the 2018 midterms, look no further ...

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Search Engine Roundtable

Google Doodle To Go Vote: Where Do I Vote #ElectionDay

If you go to the Google home page today you will see a Google Logo, Doodle, that says "Go Vote." When you click it, it takes you to a query for [Where do I vote #ElectionDay] and then lets you enter your home address to get your voting location and hours.

- Search Engine Roundtable

Florida Today

Voting in person on Election Day? Here's what you need to know

A long campaign season that was sometimes marked by testy interactions between rival camps draws to a close Tuesday, as voters go to the polls for Election Day 2018. Here are 20 questions — and answers — that you should to know if you plan on voting ...

- Florida Today


More employers are offering paid time off to vote this Election Day

After voter participation hit a 72-year low in the 2014 midterm elections, some employers are taking it into their own hands to ensure workers can vote this time around. The work day serves as an impediment to voting for some — 35 percent of ...



Are you ready to cast your vote? Here are some Election Day voting essentials

Voters who experience problems on Election Day can call a national hotline staffed with legal experts to answer questions at 866-OUR-VOTE or can send tweets regarding problems to @866ourvote. The hotline is a service of Election Protection, ...

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Chicago Tribune

Make it to your polling place on Election Day and get told you can't vote ...

Election Day is Tuesday, and although many have already taken advantage of early voting opportunities, a lot of voters still are expected to cast their votes in person that day. Voting and civil rights advocates are reminding the public that even if ...

- Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

5 things to know about Election Day in Illinois

By Thursday, more than 800,000 Illinois voters had cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday's election, surpassing 2014's early voting tally with five days remaining until Election Day. That could mean a strong turnout for the midterm election, election ...

- Chicago Tribune