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'Go Vote.' Google's Redesigned Homepage Is Encouraging People to Head to the Polls

Google is taking the rare step of tweaking the logo on its homepage to encourage American users to head to the polls this Election Day. Whereas users typically see a “Google” logo in the company's signature colors, the language Tuesday reads “Go Vote.”.



Google 2018 Midterms coverage: 'Go Vote' Doodle, YouTube reminders, live ...

Voting in the 2018 Midterm elections for the House and Senate are well underway, while on the state and local level there are a slew of gubernatorial races and various ballots. Google encourages voting around the world and its products from Search to ...

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Google transforms logo for Election Day to two words: 'Go Vote'

Wednesday's Google Doodle offers no slick animation or charming illustration. Just two words: Go Vote. The tech giant's logo on its main search page features the message with links to information on Election Day in the U.S.. When a user clicks on the ...


Search Engine Roundtable

Google Doodle To Go Vote: Where Do I Vote #ElectionDay

If you go to the Google home page today you will see a Google Logo, Doodle, that says "Go Vote." When you click it, it takes you to a query for [Where do I vote #ElectionDay] and then lets you enter your home address to get your voting location and hours.

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Android Police

Google changes homepage logo to 'Go Vote' for the midterms

It's election day in the United States and to mark the occasion, has received a small but important tweak. 'Go Vote' is the simple message, as Google reminds its users of the importance of making your voice heard, regardless of who you support.

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