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Utah vote tallies 2018

Mia B. Love (R) 47.94%. Ben McAdams (D) 52.06%. Proposition 2 – Medical Marijuana. For 53.37 %. Against 46.63%. To see the latest vote totals for these and other Utah races click on the link below. ...

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Holladay residents send 'clear message' on Prop 14

HOLLADAY, Utah (News4Utah) – One of the items voted down on election night was Holladay's Prop 14. The Holladay City Council had approved plans for a $560 million mixed-use housing project at the old Cottonwood Mall site. A lawsuit was filed against ...

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Salt Lake Tribune

Election results on residential projects in Holladay, Orem have advocates ...

Nearly 14,275 Orem residents weighed in on what was called Proposition 5, a referendum on a Utah Valley University student housing project, with unofficial results from Utah County indicating that 7,138 residents backed the project, while 7,137 were ...

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Trump dissed Republicans who lost

Republicans, particularly those in districts that voted against Trump in the 2016 election, found themselves on the chopping block last night — a reality that Trump has been reluctant to recognize. So far, Democrats have been able to flip 28 ...

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Salt Lake Tribune

Here are the updated vote tallies in the major races in Utah

Eric Eliason, United Utah • 11.05 percent • 21,872. Adam Davis, Green • 1.72 percent • 3,403. ———. Nonbinding Question 1 (gas tax/school funding). Against • 66.13 percent • 498,085. For • 33.87 percent • 255,070. ———. Proposition 2 (medical ...

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Salt Lake Tribune

'Love gave me no love': President Trump slams Utah Rep. Mia Love in post ...

President Donald Trump praised Republicans for expanding their majority in the Senate on Wednesday, while offering harsh criticism to GOP House members — including Utah's Rep. Mia Love — who failed to wholeheartedly embrace his agenda.

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A ballot issue in Orem is being decided by just one vote

5, compared to 7,137 against it. The numbers are preliminary and are expected to be updated by the end of the week. Utah County had a rough election night with people waiting hours in line just to vote at polling places that had limited numbers of ...