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In photos: New York City's iconic Twin Towers

It's an annual art installation called Tribute in Light, which is made of 88 searchlights that are installed on the top of the Battery Parking Garage. It opened in 2002, one year after the attacks that destroyed New York City's World Trade Center ...

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Wall Street Journal

New York's World Trade Center Struggles to Fill Office Space

Restoring the World Trade Center's office market has been slow going. The emotionally fraught rebuilding of the signature 1,776-foot tall One World Trade Center skyscraper and three other towers was delayed for years by political and financial battles.

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The Atlantic

From Cornerstone to Skyscraper: One World Trade Center

In 2009, the skyscraper was officially renamed One World Trade Center. In 2012, it became the tallest building in New York City. In 2013, its spire was added, allowing One World Trade Center to reach its final height of 1,776 feet, and in 2014, the ...

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The Sun

9/11 anniversary – Candid pictures show President George W Bush reacting to ...

STARTLING images have revealed how shell-shocked President George W Bush reacted to the horror of 9/11 in the moments and days after the worst terrorist attack on US soil. In a collection of harrowing pictures released on the 17th anniversary of the ...

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The Independent

9/11 anniversary: Philippe Petit, man who walked high-wire between Twin Towers ...

Philippe Petit's legacy will forever be linked to the Twin Towers; the buildings the aerialist walked a high-wire between. Seventeen years on from the terrorist attack that led to the destruction of the towers, Petit has spoken about his daredevil ...

- The Independent