WATCH: Trevor Noah asks fans to help keep The Daily Show on air in the US

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Johannesburg – Millions of viewers across the US could lose access to Trevor Noah's Daily Show as satellite service DirecTV, owned by AT&T, plans to cut ties with Comedy Central and up to 22 other Viacom channels.

 In a video shared on social media, Trevor addressed fans, asking them to challenge the decision by AT&T and keep Comedy Central on air. "AT&T-DirecTV might drop Comedy Central and up to 22 other Viacom channels.

They'll be shutting down your access to all new episodes of your favourite shows. So, take action.

Call AT&T-DirecTV and let them know that you want Comedy Central so you can watch The Daily Show," Trevor prompts viewers in the clip. AT&T-DIRECTV is about to drop Comedy Central and up to 22 other channels.

If that happens, you won’t be able to watch The Daily Show with me! Call 888-250-5557 and tell AT&T-DIRECTV to keep Comedy Central.

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