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Science shows pets can tell the time

New research finds that your pet, be that a cat or a dog, has the ability to tell the time, especially when it is time to fed and where the pet's owner appears to be dawdling in relation to this process.

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It's 'time change' time. Did you remember to fall back?

The change affects all those in the United States except for people in Hawaii and parts of Arizona who do not observe daylight saving time. The territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa also do not recognize the change.


The Daily Herald

Viewpoints: Time to change our twice-a-year change in time?

In 1883, the economic clout of the railroads allowed them to replace sun time with standard time with no legislative assistance and little public opposition. The clocks were calm for almost 30 years, apart from an annual debate in the British ...

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