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Watch: TBS announcer takes funny jab at Yankee Stadium

One of TBS' announcers took a funny jab at Yankee Stadium while calling Game 1 of the ALDS between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox on Friday night. J.D. Martinez belted a ball to deep right field during the bottom of the third inning against ...

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Lookout Landing

Open Game Thread: AL Wild Card Edition

But then, so might the A's! For some weird reason (please don't explain, I know what it actually is) MLB is still putting playoff games on TBS. Which feels like the right place for this game, because I want to watch it as much as I want to watch ...

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Awful Announcing

TBS streaming went very, very wrong for many in the AL wild-card game

A big element of this year's MLB postseason is how all the games are supposedly available for legal streaming (if you have a cable subscription). However, that doesn't always mean the streaming options work. And a whole lot of people ran into issues ...

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SB Nation

It's October, so baseball fans are pissed about MLB's blackout restrictions again

Hey! It's October! There's postseason baseball on! That means there are going to be happy fans and sad fans. There are also going to be pissed fans, like those who realized they couldn't watch the Yankees-A's AL Wild Card Game on the TBS app and ...

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