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Entertainment Tonight

'Riverdale': First Look at Veronica's Fancy New Speakeasy in Season 3! (Exclusive)

Riverdalejust got a little swankier! The CW hit kicked off its third season on Wednesday, and while Archie's incarceration, Jughead's Serpent drama and Betty's creepy home life gave everyone a lot to talk about, the show is also giving the gang a new ...

- Entertainment Tonight


'Riverdale' is officially more comic book show than teen drama

While it seems obvious to say that Riverdale is a comic book show, seeing as its characters and setting come from the 79-year-old Archie Comics brand, calling it one these days specifically aligns Riverdale more with shows like Gotham, The Flash, and ...

- Mashable


That Riverdale Ending Was Bananas, BANANAS

The season 3 premiere of Riverdale was pretty boring, giving us more of the Archie vs. Hiram shit that doesn't work if they're not seductively wrestling each other. At least, until the last five minutes, when Taylor Swift's boyfriend walked into the ...

- Gizmodo

Vanity Fair

Riverdale's Cult-Infused Season 3 Could Be Its Best—and Most Mysterious

After a circuitous and uneven second season, Riverdale fans had a right to be wary about Season 3. But happily, the CW welcomed fans back to this soapy mystery series on Wednesday with an episode stocked not only with all the usual treats—lovestruck ...

- Vanity Fair

GQ Magazine

Riverdale Is Back, Baby, and You Can Throw Those Rules Out the Window

Consider with us, if you will, the truly bad decisions made last season by Riverdale, the CW's teen noir makeout show based—extremely loosely—on the Archie Comics of our youths. Allow me to recap—and know that, if you did not watch, I swear I'm not ...

- GQ Magazine

The A.V. Club

Riverdale returns for the official end of summer, innocence, and dark Archie

Even at its lowest points, there's always something to appreciate about Riverdale. Even after a sophomore slump, there's still a reason to long for the show during hiatus. And an episode like “Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day” explains why that is: It's ...

- The A.V. Club


Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale

In a town rife with criminal masterminds, the teen heroes of Riverdale have overlooked one of the most dangerous villains to ever walk the halls of Riverdale High School: Ethel Muggs. Allow me to explain. Over the course of the CW teen drama, Ethel has ...

- Vulture

Mental Floss

12 Surprising Facts About Riverdale

Based on the classic Archie Comics, the CW's Riverdale takes a darker, Twin Peaks-like twist on characters Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones. For one, this show has a whole lot of murder. Trying to figure out who the ...

- Mental Floss


I'm Sorry, but You Need to Be Watching Riverdale

Yet, none of this defines my love of Riverdale. It ticks off the requisite Teen Soap boxes—cheerleaders, local mysteries, high school sex, coiffed dudes with 8-pack abs are all accounted for—but that's not why it's a joy. The show, which returns for ...


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