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Surviving R Kelly: what we can learn from the shocking new series

Backing singer Jovante Cunningham, one of several people featured in new docuseries Surviving R Kelly, is remembering what it was like to work for the R&B star and to witness the abuse and manipulation he allegedly wrought on dozens of young women ...

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Surviving R Kelly: What does R Kelly think about Lifetime documentary?

Lifetime documentary series follows the allegations of sexual and physical abuse made by a number of women about R&B singer R Kelly. The six-part documentary series premiered on Thursday, January 3, airing each episode on a nightly basis, and now ...



Surviving R. Kelly documentary teaches us why we shouldn't forgive artists

The world is abuzz this Monday with the revelations of Surviving R. Kelly, a three-night docuseries produced by Dream Hampton, aired in the US, featuring testimony from many women who claim to have been abused by R&B singer R. Kelly. In short, Kelly is ...


Surviving R Kelly: What did Chance the Rapper say in the documentary?

SURVIVING R KELLY, the documentary series about R&B singer R Kelly, came to an end over the weekend on US network Lifetime. Some famous faces appeared in the documentary including John Legend and Chance the Rapper. But what did Chance the ...


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R Kelly's Response To "Disgusting" New Documentary Finally Revealed

The 'Surviving R Kelly' documentary has got everyone talking and now R Kelly himself has had his say. 'Surviing R Kelly' has become one of the most talked about documentaries since it aired in the US recently, with the likes of John Legend speaking out ...

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Surviving R Kelly on Netflix: Can you watch Surviving R Kelly on Netflix?

Last Thursday (January 3) saw controversial documentary series Surviving R Kelly released and airing on US network Lifetime. The project provides a shocking look at the allegations of sexual and physical abuse against the R&B singer, features ...


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