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Dennis Hof, Dead Brothel Owner, Cruises to Victory in Nevada State Election

In life, Dennis Hof claimed many titles: “America's pimp” and “the P.T. Barnum of Booty,” based on his notoriety as an outspoken brothel owner in Nevada. He called himself the “Trump of Pahrump,” nodding to his political style and the town he called home.

- New York Times

Business Insider

A Nevada pimp who said he's just like Trump won a state election even though ...

Dennis Hof has been elected to the Nevada state assembly even though he died three weeks ago. Hof, a pimp who owned several legal brothels in Nevada, died in October but got almost 70% of the vote against his Democratic challenger. Hof called himself ...

- Business Insider


Pro-Trump pimp Dennis Hof wins Nevada election weeks after he died

Republican Dennis Hof, a Nevada brothel owner and former reality TV star who died last month, was elected Tuesday to a legislative seat representing a rural southern portion of the state, according to The Associated Press. Hof was elected to the ...