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Will Dems go along with Rashida Tlaib's impeach Trump call? Ask Nancy Pelosi

Whether impeachment proceedings will actually take place is a question perhaps best left to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Pelosi has so far downplayed ...



Power broker Nancy Pelosi makes history

WASHINGTON - Twelve years ago, Nancy Pelosi made history as the first woman elected speaker of the US House of Representatives. On Thursday, the tough-as-nails Democrat once again became America's most powerful elected woman in a comeback for ...

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Nancy Pelosi, the adult in House Democrats' room

Newly reinstated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will have not just one child in the White House to handle, but dozens in her own majority, apparently. Pelosi already began her morning on clean-up duty, distancing herself comments by freshman Rep.

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Pelosi reacts to Tlaib's impeachment comment: 'Nothing worse than the ...

"I probably have a generational reaction to it," Pelosi told NBC News in reaction to Tlaib's comments. "I'm not in the censorship business. I don't like that language, I wouldn't use that language, but I wouldn't establish language standards for my ...



How Nancy Pelosi Gets Under Donald Trump's Skin

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is skilled at counting votes, fundraising and keeping her caucus in line. But she has an underappreciated talent that may prove helpful in the Trump era, especially as the partial government shutdown enters its ...


Washington Post

How Nancy Pelosi overcame her opposition and became House speaker. Again.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has once again stepped into the role of speaker of the House, a job she has held before. Before she could claim the gavel, anti-Pelosi factions within the House Democratic caucus forced her to promise to step down after ...

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Business Day

House votes to end US government shutdown and elects Nancy Pelosi as speaker

The House votes came hours after the opening of the 116th Congress and the election of Nancy Pelosi in a triumphant return as House speaker, the only woman to serve in the position. She first served as speaker from 2007 to 2011. The House voted 239-192 ...

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Nancy Pelosi elected speaker, will lead Democrats confronting Trump

Nancy Pelosi knew this moment would come, even if others had their doubts — or worked to stop her. Pelosi was elected on Thursday as House speaker, the only woman who has held the office and now one of few elected officials who will be returning to it.

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New York Times

Nancy Pelosi Elected Speaker as Democrats Take Control of House

WASHINGTON — Ebullient Democrats assumed control of the House on Thursday and elected Representative Nancy Pelosi of California speaker, returning her to a historic distinction as the first woman to hold the post. They then moved to defy President ...

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Pelosi detractors make their first move

Filemon Vela, a Texas Democrat, told CNN there are at least 12 rock-solid no votes for Pelosi on the House floor. According to a CNN count, 10 additional incoming freshmen have said they would not support Pelosi for speaker, a number that could ...



Opposition to Pelosi hardens

Ten Democratic incumbents or members-elect told POLITICO that they will vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker on the House floor, exposing a serious problem for the California Democrat in her bid to reclaim the gavel. Eight sitting lawmakers or their ...

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Why Nancy Pelosi Isn't Guaranteed The Speakership

The Democrats have won the House, and Republicans will have to hand over the speaker's gavel in January. But it's not totally clear whom that gavel will go to. The long-running drama over the fate of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is entering a ...

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