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Pelosi detractors make their first move

Filemon Vela, a Texas Democrat, told CNN there are at least 12 rock-solid no votes for Pelosi on the House floor. According to a CNN count, 10 additional incoming freshmen have said they would not support Pelosi for speaker, a number that could ...



Opposition to Pelosi hardens

Ten Democratic incumbents or members-elect told POLITICO that they will vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker on the House floor, exposing a serious problem for the California Democrat in her bid to reclaim the gavel. Eight sitting lawmakers or their ...

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Why Nancy Pelosi Isn't Guaranteed The Speakership

The Democrats have won the House, and Republicans will have to hand over the speaker's gavel in January. But it's not totally clear whom that gavel will go to. The long-running drama over the fate of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is entering a ...

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