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Why World Mental Health Day matters for scientists

Today is World Mental Health Day, with this year's theme focusing on the diverse challenges that young people around the globe face. In recent years, the psychological toll of academic training, in particular, has started to come out into the open, to ...

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This Is Why Every Day Should Be World Mental Health Day

Just when you thought you'd seen just about as much news as you wanted to about World Mental Health Day, I have decided to post about it, too. Be forewarned: This post is meant to make you slightly uncomfortable, for starters, by telling you that you ...

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Lady Gaga Op-Ed Calls for More Resources to Fight Suicide on World Mental ...

Lady Gaga calls attention to a “mental health emergency” in her latest op-ed, co-written with Tedros Adhanom, the director-general of the World Health Organization. In honor of World Mental Health Day, Gaga and Adhanom are working together to draw ...

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