Mattress Firm Inc. is an American retailing company and mattress store chain founded on July 4, 1986. The headquarters of the company is located in Houston, Texas.
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Mattress Firm never understood how much Americans hate mattress shopping

Mattress Firm, the largest seller of mattresses in the US and most pun-committed company, filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday (Oct. 5). It had been reported in August to be exploring bankruptcy proceedings and shuttering its money-losing stores.

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How Casper drove Mattress Firm into bankruptcy

Mattress Firm filed for bankruptcy on Friday to escape hundreds of leases it could no longer afford in suburban shopping malls and on city streets. Mattress Firm has more than 3,300 stores across the country, and it plans to quickly shutter 200 of them ...



Mattress Firm files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, will close up to 700 ...

Mattress Firm, which has been grappling with declining sales after an acquisition spree gone bad and a scandal at its parent company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Friday. The nation's largest mattress retailer has been ailing amid a surge ...



What's Next For Mattress Firm After Bankruptcy And Putting 700 Stores To Sleep?

The bankruptcy filing today by the largest bedding retailer in the country, Mattress Firm, was both very much expected and only the opening move in what promises to be a lot of twists and turn on its way back to a sound business strategy. For company ...

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