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Flight MH370 FOUND? Google Maps shows 'crashed plane hidden in Cambodia jungle'

Ian Wilson, a British video producer, was convinced he had found the missing jet after hours spent searching Google Maps. Mr Wilson released pictures which seem to show a 70 metre plane - a close match to the 63.7m of MH370's Boeing 777-200.



MH370: Google told 'give us answers' as ground SEARCH TEAM poised for Maps ...

Video producer Ian Wilson claims he has found the wreckage of the doomed aircraft using Google Maps, as exclusively revealed by Daily Star Online. It lies around 60 miles west of capital Phnom Penh, an area air traffic controllers enquired about ...

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Melkior – Maseres Soil Chemistry Maps

TIMMINS, Ontario, Sept. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Melkior Resources Inc. (“Melkior”) would like to release the initial soil chemistry maps for the first 750 soil samples from the Maseres Project. Melkior's news release of August 27 identified one ...

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A new use for Google Maps: calculating a city's carbon footprint

Looking at a city's Google Maps data, in combination with other data, a new tool from Google can estimate the carbon footprint of all of its buildings–and the carbon footprint of all the car trips, bus and subway rides, and other transportation used by ...

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Apple Maps is being rebooted, but Google Maps has a huge adoption lead

A new report out today on navigation app trends sheds some light on how far Google Maps could be ahead of Apple Maps and other services. Included are the top reasons why almost 70% of users are sticking with Google Maps.

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Apple Is Planning Big Changes to Maps in iOS 12

Apple has some big plans for the next version of Maps in iOS 12. The tech giant will launch a new version of its Maps app this fall that includes data sourced solely from Apple instead of third-parties, TechCrunch reported recently. The move should ...

- Fortune

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Apple Maps vs. Google Maps

For nearly seven years, Google Maps was the de facto mapping service on iOS and macOS devices — until Apple decided to release a competing version of the software in 2012. However, what seemed like a smart move for the tech giant on paper ended up ...

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How Apple Is Improving the Maps App to Get You to Use It

Apple is trying to get more people to use Apple Maps. Despite being available on every Apple device, Maps has never quite garnered the popularity of Google Maps or CityMapper. So developers are rebuilding the app from the ground up. The new Apple ...

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