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Grand Haven Tribune

Celebrating All Saints Day

St. Gregory Nazienzen, who wrote about humans' roles being to become like God and doing so through Christ, is a saint Gross said he considers among his favorites. Gross said Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day, which is a day to remember people who ...

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Piqua Daily Call

Celebration of All Saints Day

Donovan O'Leary, a seventh-grader at Piqua Catholic School dresses as Saint Patrick for Thursday's All Saints Day Parade at the school. The annual event honors “all saints, known and unknown,” said principal Brad Zimmerman, ” To celebrate here at Piqua ...

- Piqua Daily Call

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Evening Standard

All Saints' Day 2018: What is All Hallows' Day and why do Catholics celebrate it?

All Saints' Day - also known as All Hallows' Day or Hallowmas, is celebrated on November 1, the day after Halloween. It comes just after the pagan holiday of Samhain and coincides with the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and is directly followed by ...

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Charleston Gazette-Mail

Daily Mail editorial: All Saints Day a time to remember and revere

There is a method to this madness that is Halloween — the eve of All Saints Day, the day when much of Christianity commemorates every saint, known and unknown. It's natural that a day commemorating departed saints would follow All Hallows Eve.

- Charleston Gazette-Mail

The Sun

When is All Saints' Day 2018? Why is it known as All Hallows' Day and why do ...

Originally, May 13 was the Feast of All Holy Martyrs, but in 837AD, Pope Gregory IV extended the festival to remember all saints and changed both its name to Feast of All Saints, as well as the date to November 1. In English-speaking countries, All ...

- The Sun

All Saints Day 2018: When is All Saints Day? Why do Christians celebrate it?

All Saints' Day honours all of the known and unknown saints – even those not recognised by the Church, according to the Catholic Faith. Anglicans, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists and believers of other major branches of Christianity all observe the ...