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Fast Company

Amazon seems to have quietly stopped recommending Alex Jones products

Over the last few days we've seen the big tech companies make sweeping decisions about Alex Jones and Infowars. Apple took them off its podcast app; Facebook banned Jones and his associated pages; YouTube also banned the conspiracy theorist.

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Fast Company

Twitter's Jack Dorsey defends decision to keep Alex Jones

While major social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube and tech giants like Apple shun conspiracy theorist and hate monger Alex Jones, Twitter has stood out in the tech sector by keeping him. Tonight, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his ...

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BBC News

Twitter will not ban InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

The CEO of Twitter says it will not ban InfoWars or its founder Alex Jones because their accounts do not violate the social media platform's rules. A number of tech giants, including YouTube and Facebook, deleted the right-wing conspiracy theorist's ...

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Washington Post

Twitter defends not suspending Alex Jones, saying it won't 'succumb and simply ...

Twitter positioned itself this week as an outlier among technology companies and streaming services that have acted in recent days to limit the platform enjoyed by Alex Jones and his Infowars shows because of allegations of hate speech. Jack Dorsey ...

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The Guardian

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends failure to ban Alex Jones

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has defended his company's decision to continue publishing the controversial tweets of the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, saying Jones's content “hasn't violated our rules”. Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify ...

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Infowars and Alex Jones test limits of free speech on Twitter, Facebook ...

Alex Jones is going to war with Silicon Valley. As one of the internet's most controversial personalities, making outlandish claims and spreading conspiracy theories through his Infowars website and broadcast has made Jones a household name in ...


The Atlantic

What Does It Mean to Ban Alex Jones?

On Monday, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify “banned” conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his media company, Infowars, from their platforms. Jones has seized on the moment, selling his show Monday as a “world exclusive” responding to “being ...

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Business Insider

The hypocrisy of the Alex Jones purge shows Facebook is morally spineless

When Facebook removed the page of Alex Jones, InfoWars host and king of conspiracy theories, it violated a value it called "fundamental" less than one month ago — and it perfectly illustrates how the tech titan has no backbone or moral leadership.

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Alex Jones, Donald Trump and the Assault on Truth

Apple Kicked Alex Jones Off Its Platform, Then YouTube And Facebook Rushed to Do the Same (BuzzFeed); see also The Lasting Trauma of Alex Jones's Lies (the Atlantic); Some Traders Are Talking Up Cryptocurrencies, Then Dumping Them, Costing ...

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Censoring Alex Jones will only make him stronger: Today's talker

Social media companies targeted right-wing provocateur and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Monday, removing his content from their platforms in what they call a crackdown on "hate speech." YouTube shut down The Alex Jones Channel, an account with ...



Alex Jones' InfoWars rockets up the charts in Apple's App Store, days after ...

The InfoWars app reached the fourth spot in the news section of Apple's App Store, following Apple's ban of Alex Jones' podcast. Apple has not said why it removed the podcast, but allowed the app to stay in the App Store. The InfoWars app is also in ...


New York Times

A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones

Let me start by making a few things abundantly clear. First, Alex Jones is a loathsome conspiracy theorist who generates loathsome content. Second, there is no First Amendment violation when a private company chooses to boot anyone off a private platform.

- New York Times

The Verge

How Alex Jones lost his info war

On Monday, the bottom dropped out for Alex Jones. After a series of tepid disciplinary actions, which the Infowars host evaded with ease, three of the biggest tech platforms acted in near-unison beginning late Sunday night. And the result is that one ...

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